The Hohokum Almanac

The Hohokum Almanac

From the zany mind of artist Richard Hogg and the deft hands of Honeyslug, HOHOKUM is a colorful and imaginative game unlike any other.

To expand upon Hohokum’s rich world, publisher Santa Monica Studio approached iam8bit to create an accompanying book. A manual to the madness. An almanac.

Amanda White and Jon M. Gibson of iam8bit brought me aboard to write and Hexanine to design. Collaborating with them, as well as the creators, I was able to make up tales, spin songs, imagine deeply and put words where there had been none. Like the game, each section of the book is dedicated to a unique world, each with its own imaginative happenings, but all indelibly Hohokum.

One of the most rewarding projects of which I’ve ever been a part. Available now from iam8bit.

[Also available from amazon.]

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